Our Purpose

‘I didn’t have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one instead’

Blaise Pascal, and not Mark Twain said this.

It takes time, effort and skill to get a powerful story to be told in a minute.

‘But why a minute?’ you must ask.

I will need a minute of yours to answer this.

Much is known on the power of storytelling. The only way one can leverage this power of stories to inspire, engage and influence is to tell them as much as possible.

We must learn to imbibe storytelling as a life skill. Only then we create an impact. Awareness helps you get started but it is the practice of weaving stories into our conversations that will make us an effective storyteller.

We need to know a lot of stories for that. Our own stories, those that others tell us and the ones we read, see and listen.

And what if there was a single place where one could find a whole lot of such stories? Authentic and well researched. Stories across genres, that convey deep value points that resonate in any situation.

Stories that could be read in a minute. With easily searchable tags.

We have a lot of plans. And bigger dreams.

For now, #1MinuteStories is just getting started. Do hop on to the Stories page and let us know what you think.

Wish us Luck as we help you story your point.

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18 thoughts on “Our Purpose

    1. Great question Amit! The easier answer is that awareness of building this as a skill itself will trigger. You could start with telling a story you have in mind with someone you know. Take feedback.
      Meanwhile that’s a full section that we will be adding on #1MinuteStories. Apart from building a vast storybank, we would share nuggets on how to get better at storytelling.
      thank you!


      1. Thank you for checking in Mahesh! We hope to get in a couple of stories every week! And you can just scross down this page now to subscribe with your email for new content to be delivered directly! Thank you for pointing this out!


    1. Thank you so much Rahul, for checking in!
      The proof of the telltale will be the tales themselves! 🙂 And we hope to keep them churning!


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