Story Roll

The Woman who Engineered The Men to the Moon

Back after a short hiatus. We begin with a moment in our history when Man’s biggest expedition to the moon almost got aborted. Hello Folks! I’d decided to take a break for a month. Just like that. All is well at my end and I do trust you and your families have been keeping safe…

The ‘Make it Great’ Story

The story always comes first. Technology just supports it.’ ‘We don’t want to hear your ideas. Just do what you’re told, John!’. the boss’s voice boomed in the silent room. It didn’t finish. A few moments later, the boss, Ed Hansen, again called John into his room. This time to finish it off: ‘Well, John, your…

Wonder Why?

You see – the whole point in this story is when you do not see it! This week, I am picking up a light story. Literally. Wonder Why? You’ll know in a minute. First, that picture up here. If you are thinking why is there nothing inside that Hot Wheels blister pack – it was…

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