Instant Julius!

World War 1 saw the biggest spike in working women in history. Millions were called upon to fill in for men on the war front leaving families behind.

Julius was the youngest of five children in one such family of Italian born mill owners in the Swiss village of Kempathal, Zurich. Young Julius saw his mother and lot of women increasingly spend more time in factories and less in their kitchens. He wished to create food that was nutritious, filling and fast for them.

Along with Dr Schuler, an infant nutrition expert, Julius created a new type of flour from pulses that became the basis for instant soups. In 1886, they made the first liquid concentrate seasoning for soups & sauces. Much later, he partnered with Auguste Eschoffier, an accomplished French chef, to industrially produce and launch the famous ‘boullion cube’ in 1908.

And that is why Julius Michael Maggi is largely credited as the inventor of pre-cooked soups and sauces! Mr Maggi was an endless innovator and like his foods, his success was also instant.

His deep red, golden yellow & black colours for Maggi stay till today, much after Nestle took over in 1947. Fair to say that Julius Maggi created a bold brand identity that has journeyed 125 years and takes just 2 minutes to experience.

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