The Woman who Engineered The Men to the Moon

Back after a short hiatus. We begin with a moment in our history when Man’s biggest expedition to the moon almost got aborted. Hello Folks! I’d decided to take a break for a month. Just like that. All is well at my end and I do trust you and your families have been keeping safeContinue reading “The Woman who Engineered The Men to the Moon”

The ‘Make it Great’ Story

The story always comes first. Technology just supports it.’ ‘We don’t want to hear your ideas. Just do what you’re told, John!’. the boss’s voice boomed in the silent room. It didn’t finish. A few moments later, the boss, Ed Hansen, again called John into his room. This time to finish it off: ‘Well, John, yourContinue reading “The ‘Make it Great’ Story”

French Surgeon: Blockbuster TV Series: May 27th

It’s a story that connects all these three. In a meaningful way. A tribute, you could say. How would you imagine the following three to be linked to a story? A famous French surgeon who played a critical role during the Napoleonic Wars and changed the course of medicine. One of the highest rated, iconicContinue reading “French Surgeon: Blockbuster TV Series: May 27th”

Data, Data Everywhere!

A uniuqe scandal where there was nothing hidden by the company. And still no one saw it coming. Until.. On a hot afternoon at Oct 23rd, 2006 at Hoston, Texas, Jeffery K. Skilling, Criminal No. H-04-25 was looking at the Judge delivering the verdict. ‘The evidence established that the defendant repeatedly lied to investors, including hisContinue reading “Data, Data Everywhere!”

Simply, Curious Feynman

The greatest scientist storyteller of our times The commission members listened with bated breath. The celebrated scientist who was speaking had the reputation of being at his dangeorous best when he spoke slowly. ‘Before the event, from the information that was was agreed everywhere that this seal would become unsatisfactory at a certain temperature…andContinue reading “Simply, Curious Feynman”

India’s Finest Composer

A small tribute to India’s less celebrated musical genius Listening to an old episode of the popular podcast Haal Chaal Theek Thaak Hai, I learnt of three kinds of music makers in Bollywood. The ones who are celebrated the most are the Music Directors. They design the melody and mostly work on the singing part ofContinue reading “India’s Finest Composer”

The Changing Colours

This is a story of two great women copywriters. One was conservative, other was a rebel. Both worked on the same categroy at two different points of time. And with the phrases and lines they penned, they went on to deeply impact the feminist sensibilities of generations of women. *** Shirley Polykloff was quite sure thatContinue reading “The Changing Colours”