The Saree

What are you taking home for your mom’? Dasu asked. He had a cute wrinkled face and wore thick glasses but none could miss his piercing glare

Mr. Dasgupta, or Dasu was my first boss at Eveready. I was just 4 months into my job and was leaving for puja hols. First home trip after my job

‘I didn’t have time Dasu da. I don’t know any good saree shops. Also, mom has her own colour choices. So I dropped it’

It was 7.30 pm and Dasu had to rush home. So I was surprised when he said ‘Come with me. It’s ok to break rules for moms’

Next 3 hours, my boss and me were saree shopping. I was super conscious of wasting his time. But his energy blew me over.

And when I found the right shade of orange he said ‘Now watch the Bengali bargain’. He put up a show and got a 30% discount. I was still mumbling gratitude as he dropped me home.

Mom was thrilled. She loved it and wore it to work the next day.

I got a bigger surprise 22 years later when I found her telling my 2 girls ‘…And this is the saree your dad bought for me with his first salary. I was stunned that he did it. Best gift ever’. I felt my eyes blur.

Dasu showed me how to #connect and be #present for your team members. And how simple gestures as a leader leave a lifelong impact

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