The Snow Queen

‘How does a powerful woman who holds back a secret from everyone feel? How can she be real & connect?’ Robert Lopez & his wife were thinking about Elsa, the character in the movie for which they were writing songs. A script inspired from ‘The Snow Queen’, a fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1844.

‘She would isolate herself. Suffer being misunderstood. Only way she can connect is if she lets it go’ said Lopez.

For 70 years, the writers at Disney struggled to adapt this tale into a movie. Every attempt failed: they just couldn’t relate the original villainous character of the snow queen to the modern audience.

In 2010, Disney’s new creative team revived the project & created a story line that made Elsa a lot more human & vulnerable.

Lopez was so inspired by his thought that he stood on a table and sang out the lyrics of what became one of the greatest songs in movie history: Let It Go!

That one song made them re-write the whole movie. Because everything had changed. And Elsa was no longer the villain.

Let It Go was her release song from her fears and made her the darling of a billion girls. And won the Oscars.

Frozen became Disney‘s biggest animation success!

It’s a great story on how vulnerability shifts everything.

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