Your First Report Card!

  ‘The baby died, Doctor. I was sure something was wrong. We lost her in a day.’ Dr. Virginia, the senior anaesthetist at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre closed her eyes as the nurse spoke. Her mind was in turmoil. ‘What are we missing? Why aren’t we saving these infants?’ In the early 50’s, the overallContinue reading “Your First Report Card!”

The Gutsy Doctor

Barry’s breath was stinking. He looked severely ill. But he was waving the biopsy report in his hand with triumph and saying ‘I did it!’ His wife yelled at him ‘This is enough Barry. Take that damn medicine. Now!’ In 1984, Dr Barry Marshall, a gastroenterologist at Perth was working on the cure for deadlyContinue reading “The Gutsy Doctor”

Slaying the Speckled Monster

Ramesses V was a boring Pharaoh. But the skin lesions found on his mummified face made him famous : the first known case of smallpox death in 1145 BC. The ‘speckled monster’ killed humanity for centuries. Inoculation was the earliest treatment. Fresh matter from a smallpox patient was grafted into another. But it lead toContinue reading “Slaying the Speckled Monster”