A String of Insights

Darshan was the one who moved things. Amongst the 3 brothers, the eldest was a financial wizard, the youngest was on ops. But Darshan bought in great insight.

In 1985, when they were thinking of selling more pain balm, Darshan asked ‘Why show only elbows & ankles of old people? Why not whole back? Back pain is a bigger problem’ ‘Aah se aaha tak’ made Moov the dominant leader.

His next target was Burnol. But a research pointed that the advent of quality pressure cookers reduced burn incidents. Category was flat. He cracked a new idea at a suburban railway station in Mumbai as his eyes fell on the heels of women rushing to grab trains. Krack created a category that never existed. Blockbuster hit.

Fed up of watching women in his house struggling to detangle wet hair post wash, he launched Livon

When he split from the family in 2006, he aimed to make a mark in a new category. After hearing a young man at a shop saying ‘This Deo got over so fast. Bakwaas hai’, Darshan dumped the aerosol pump and created a different deodorant ad that a family could watch together. ‘Bina gas waala’ Fogg is a roaring success.

Insight is something that is stunningly obvious on hindsight.

It made Darshan Patel create great brand stories for Paras & Vini.

One thought on “A String of Insights

  1. hi uday
    i have been reading your stories.
    one think that will make they more useful would be to state real life examples of work place where they can be used.
    may not so in all but certainly in a few cases.

    keep writing

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