A String of Insights

Darshan was the one who moved things. Amongst the 3 brothers, the eldest was a financial wizard, the youngest was on ops. But Darshan bought in great insight. In 1985, when they were thinking of selling more pain balm, Darshan asked ‘Why show only elbows & ankles of old people? Why not whole back? BackContinue reading “A String of Insights”

‘Face the Problem, Sir’

Srinivasan sounded calm: ‘First you tell him you are sending extra 300 cases Sir. You only must tell him. Then we will face it Sir’. The month end of June ‘99 was terrible. I was the Sales officer in Tamil Nadu and was 300 cases short of target. When pressure peaks one has to relyContinue reading “‘Face the Problem, Sir’”

When the Spirits Cast their Spell

‘When Mohanlal Dayal was born, he was placed on the lid of a huge ceremonial cooking pot or Tapela and was called Chhibabhai. The logic was that bad spirits would not be attracted to a baby with such an ugly name’ says Ramesh Chauhan on the patriarch of one of India’s oldest business family. MohanlalContinue reading “When the Spirits Cast their Spell”