Two Hundred Years of Resilience

When 10 yr old William heard loud knocks on his bedroom door at midnight, his family were readying themselves for a big escape from their home in Shoreham, England to Baltimore, US. The British PM, a close friend of his father asked him to leave England or risk death for sympathising with Americans fighting for independence.

After William’s father closed down a failed business, he set out to NY and learnt soap making. And then started selling his own brand of Soaps & Candles in 1806.

The business grew and so did William’s goodwill. But most of us, do not immediately associate this brand name with soaps now. They used the same brand name from 1806, for the first ‘Aromatic Toothpaste in Jars’ – Colgate.

Yep – a consumer brand name that has lasted over 200 years! Not many around to claim this legacy.

Safe to say that Colgate has endured all of this – the deadly flu pandemic in early 20th century, atleast three devastating cholera outbreaks, multiple flu endemics, two world wars and the great depression.

Of course, fending off P&G & Unilever too.

So when the young William Colgate started off on Dutch Street, Manhattan on that summer day in 1806, little did he imagine that his family name had also begun an iconic journey of over 200 years.

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