The Unlikely Hero

The packed 18th floor conference hall in the Dinkler Plaza Hotel in Atlanta City plunged into stunned silence. Every business leader from Atlanta city present there did not bat an eyelid. Meanwhile, the man who caused this deafening silence with his crisp speech, calmly took his seat. It was October 1964. Martin Luther King had just beenContinue reading “The Unlikely Hero”

A Saint, Three Men and a Bottle of Coke

In the beginning there was a saint. Tall, lean and genial – Saint Nicholas was the Greek Christian bishop from Myra. Adored by the poor women and children as the giver of goodies. Six hundred years after he died his resting place was vandalised by invaders. So the Merchants of Bari removed his major bonesContinue reading “A Saint, Three Men and a Bottle of Coke”