A Saint, Three Men and a Bottle of Coke

In the beginning there was a saint. Tall, lean and genial – Saint Nicholas was the Greek Christian bishop from Myra. Adored by the poor women and children as the giver of goodies. Six hundred years after he died his resting place was vandalised by invaders. So the Merchants of Bari removed his major bonesContinue reading “A Saint, Three Men and a Bottle of Coke”

‘Where is Santa right now?’

U.S. Air Force Col Harry Shoup was listening to silence as he held the dreaded Red Phone to his ear. The ringing of the red telephone at the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Operations Center in Colorado Springs, Colarado meant a crisis call from either the Pentagon or his Commander-In-Chief.   ‘This is Col Shoup. CanContinue reading “‘Where is Santa right now?’”